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Wire Mesh Cages: For Pets and Animals
Containers for Rabbits and Other Pets   Small animal breeding cages
  Galvanized Steel Wire Cages for Dogs
Detailed Product Description
Metal wire mesh pet cages and animal cages:
1.Material:Steel wire
2.Treatment: Galvanized or PVC coated
3.Can be made into folding forms

Materials and technology:
It is made of low-carbon steeel wire or stainless steel wire through cutting, bending,welding.the surface treatment is powder painting, zinc coated.
Specification: According to customer's demand
Characteristic:unique design,beautiful exterior,and it can be reduce the damage degree when they are arrested.
Purpose:It can be used as dog cages,bird cages, rat cages, hamster cages and various small and big animals and pets.

Steel Wire Foldable Animal Cages
Product No. Material Finish Size  Weight
AT001 1008 iron wire PVC Coated 13.8"×7"×6.5" 800g
AT002 1008 iron wire Cold galvanizing 16×8×8 920g
AT003 1008 iron wire Cold galvanizing 13.8×7×6.5 800g
AT004 1"×1/2"Wire mesh
Cold galvanizing 16×6×6 1400g
AT005 1"×1/2"Wire mesh
Cold galvanizing 16×6×6 800g
AT006 SUS304 Polishing
10×4.5×4 300g
AT007 1008 Iron Wire
Pot galvanizing
31×17×16 4200g
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